“Every day, we’re inspired by customers who thank us for making a healthy dairy alternative they feel safe serving their families.”

- August Vega, MALK Founder
we pour ourselves into everything we do.

MALK is more than a product—it’s a passion.

Born with a severe dairy allergy, founder August Vega spent most of her lifetime struggling to find foods that wouldn’t make her sick. Years later, when her son was born with the same allergy, that condition motivated her mission: create a better dairy alternative.

Along with August’s brother Justin Brodnax and cousin Joel Canada, Almond MALK soon became the newest member of the family—and an integral part of their lives.

As MALK grows, we too continue to grow and change. We will seek out the freshest new flavors, the most wholesome ingredients and new ways to inspire employees in our fair-wage workplace. But one thing that will never change is our passion for excellence and commitment to our customers.

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Since 2014

meet the malk family

August Vega, Founder/CEO

Mom. Innovator. Purpose-driven entrepreneur. For August, these roles have always been deeply connected, each supporting and inspiring the other. When she decided her family deserved a better dairy alternative—then, she reasoned—doesn’t every family deserve a better dairy alternative? And why stop at better, when it could be the best? This led the clean tech industry pro and clean food advocate to turn her delectable, filler-free homemade almond product into MALK Organics: the only nationally available brand on the market made with six certified organic ingredients or less, cold-pressed to retain maximum freshness and nutrients. Of course, just like any mom on a mission, August’s work is never done; she continues to create new and delicious ways for MALK lovers everywhere to enjoy it.

Justin Brodnax, Co-Owner

Proof positive it really is all about family at MALK, former food manufacturing expert Justin Brodnax is more than a MALK co-owner, he’s August’s brother. From the early days—introducing their unique dairy alternative at local farmers markets to families thirsty for a healthier alternative to dairy—to guiding their explosive growth at groceries across the country today, Justin is committed to MALK’s mission and its success. “It’s all about making a difference,” he says about their family endeavor, “and there’s nothing better than making a difference together.”

Joel Canada, Co-Owner

When August’s and Justin’s cousin Joel chose a career in sales, little did he know he’d someday be representing his very own family’s product. But just one taste of the creamy, pure dairy alternative and he knew: the MALK family was going to get a lot bigger. “I already had a passion for clean, sustainable foods, so making MALK into a family business was an easy concept to get behind,” explained the trio’s Austin contingent. Soon, Joel was commuting weekly to Houston, and coming home to Austin with a Subaru full of MALK to sell. Joel’s territory has grown a little since then, but “seeing someone’s face light up when they first try MALK is still the most rewarding part of what I do.”

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